Open Space Workshops: Faith, Family And Community: Women’s Experiences Of Intra-Christian Sectarianism

May 14, 2014


Engender is working towards gaining a better understanding of women’s experiences and views of intra-Christian sectarianism. 

We are holding a series of Open Space workshops to explore women’s experiences of and ideas on the relationship between sectarianism, faith, family and community. So far discussions on women and sectarianism have been focused around football and domestic abuse. The aim of these events is to bring women together to talk about the impact sectarianism has (or doesn’t have) on their lives and how women can work together to make their communities strong and resilient.

Events are participative, open to all self-identified women, and we’ll provide lunch and refreshments. We’ll also meet travel expenses, care expenses, and any accessibility requirements (as long as they’re agreed in advance).

27th May, GLASGOW, 10am – 4pm
29TH May, HAMILTON, 10am – 4pm
3rd June, EDINBURGH, 10am – 4pm
11th June, KILMARNOCK, 10am – 4pm
13th June, OBAN, 10am – 4pm
17th June, ABERDEEN, 10am – 4pm

Book here: http://www.engender.org.uk/content/events/

You can also speak to us at 0131 558 9596 or email us at info@engender.org.uk, to book a place or find out more.

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