Global agreement reached on ending violence against women and girls

April 3, 2013

Government Equalities Office, 22nd March 2013

UK welcomes positive outcome.

57th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) … culminated in the adoption of Agreed Conclusions (the principal outcome document of the Commission).

This focused on the need for global action to end violence against women and girls and calls for increased attention and accelerated action on:

  • Prevention through education and awareness-raising;

  • Addressing gender inequalities in the political, economic and social spheres;

  • Protection of sexual and reproductive health services; and

  • Improvement of the evidence base and availability to inform an effective response.

Full details and links from the Government Equalities Office


From OPEN DEMOCRACY: CSW: resisting the backlash against women’s human rights (26/03/13): Women’s rights activists spent two hard weeks at the Commission on the Status of Women pushing back against fundamentalist opposition and the attempt to roll back women’s human rights. Susan Tolmay reports on the battles which resulted in the advancement of women’s rights in this year’s Agreed Conclusions.

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