Research Project: Women Involved In Indoors Prostitution In Greater Glasgow And Clyde Area

February 19, 2013

I am currently undertaking some research for the Adult Support and Protection Liaison Group through the Women’s Support Project on the needs of women specifically involved in indoor prostitution in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area.

I am hoping to identify some of the gaps in current services to help develop a better support system for these women. We are particularly interested in finding out the range of vulnerabilities and risks that women may have or experience in indoor prostitution and to get a better sense of what services are currently engaging with the women.

I have created two surveys, one for service providers and one for women involved in off-street prostitution.

Please pass this survey onto relevant members of staff, relevant partnerships / forums and networks in the Greater Glasgow area. I would also appreciate it if you could pass the information on the survey onto women who use your service who may or may not have been involved in prostitution themselves or may know of other women who have. Please feel free to contact me, Hannah Brown Hannah05@live.co.uk, or Linda Thompson at WSP, lindawsproject@btconnect.com, if you have any questions

Deadline: 11th March

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