The Role The Media Plays In The Socialisation Of Women, Men And Young People

January 30, 2013

Free evening or weekend workshop, in partnership with GCVS

In 2000, Wise Women developed materials for use in our Confidence Building Courses that addressed the issue of how the mainstream media had an impact on women and girls body image and self esteem.  Since then the boundaries of what is classed as acceptable and unacceptable imagery has become increasingly blurred.

Concerns have been raised that the sexualisation of young women and girls, an increase in eating disorders in young boys and men and the fact that more children under 12 are committing sexual offences has been linked to a number of social and media outlets.

This session offers a general overview of the work Wise Women has done more recently with groups on the issue of media socialisation with a 35 minute power point presentation of the materials, an opportunity to see the Media Boards close up with some time for group discussion and feedback.

Dates:  Thursday 7th February, 7pm till 9pm Or  Saturday 9th March, 1pm till 3pm

Venue:  The Albany Learning and Conference Centre,  44 Ashley Street, Glasgow G3 6DS

To book: 
Phone or email The Albany Centre on: Telephone: 0141 354 6521, Email: outreach@gcvs.org.uk

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