Violence Against Women: It’s Not Just Personal, It’s Political

October 29, 2012

Free Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Sector Network ‘Open Space’ Event

21st November, 10am – 4pm, The Teacher Building, St Enoch Square, Glasgow

Abuse and Violence in the home, on the streets, in the workplace, in the name of honour or as a weapon of war are often part of women’s daily lives and sadly, often accepted and expected as a part of women’s lives. The causes, frequency and impact on women on personal, community, societal and global levels can be hugely overwhelming.  This is a day for women to come together to discuss, share ideas and opinions on how we can address and challenge issues surrounding Violence Against Women and what  we all can do about it. 

What is Open Space?
The ‘Open Space’ way of working was created in 1985 and brings people together to discuss a common theme. Open Space is fully participative, there are no talking heads, and believes that the participants are the real experts. Just come along with an open mind and your thoughts and opinions.

To register contact Lorna New at Wise Women on 0141 550 7557 or Lorna@wisewomen.org.uk or online at http://www.wisewomen.org.uk/gwvsn.html

Registration closing date: 14th November.

Crèche is available although you must book your place/s;
Travel expenses will be provided;
Transport can be provided for women with physical and/or sensory impairments

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