Gender and alcohol reports

April 16, 2012

From Glasgow Centre for Population Health

  • Young People, Gender And Alcohol: The final report from the young people, gender and alcohol project Creating Better Stories: Alcohol and gender in transitions to adulthood and the supporting briefing paper Young people, gender and alcohol (Briefing Paper Findings Series No. 32) are both available from our website: http://www.gcph.co.uk/publications. As well as producing a report and briefing paper, Pete and Fiona have worked with partners to produce an illustrated book containing images and drawings created by the young adults who took part in their study – Alcohol: though our eyes. Young people’s representations of drinking in Scotland. This new resource highlights the views of young people in relation to alcohol and can be used by, or with, young people to help them reflect on and discuss their relationship with alcohol. For more information got to http://digbig.com/5bfxam or contact Pete Seaman Pete.Seaman@drs.glasgow.gov.uk
  • Men, Women And Alcohol – Understanding The Role Of Gender In Scotland’s Drinking Culture: http://www.gcph.co.uk/events/120


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