Engender: Calls For Women’s Economic Strategy

March 21, 2012

Engender, 14/03/12:

One of the many ideas for action that came out of our conference, Women in Scotland 2012 – The Big Picture was that  we have a women’s day in the Scottish parliament where we debate a women’s economic strategy for Scotland.  Lesley Riddoch covered the need for such a strategy in her Scotsman article, Women have a place in this debate, and Engender along with others have written in support.  Why not add your voice and push for this to happen – email lettersts@scotsman.com

More info at: http://digbig.com/5bfsgk

One comment

  1. This is a critical step. We are absolutely supporting and willing to collaborate with ANY charity, business or social enterprise who sees a gap here. WE know that females who come to us looking for advice often come a bit too late. That they come with gaps in their money knowledge, fractures in the money confidence and real issues with financial awareness and knowledge. They often leave “money matters” to men or simply ignore them.

    We provide sessions for women to improve all of the above.

    Are working on financial abuse training classes &

    We are also promoting & campaigning for women to understand and address exclusion & poverty issues that may come of the forthcoming pensions pricing reviews via the RDR ( Jan 2013) and the new gender rules on female insurance costings ( Due 21st Dec!) as both of these changes directly affect women and will cost them money.

    We support this strategy certainly.
    PlanB Partnership

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