OBJECT and Turn Your Back on Page 3 submit joint written evidence to the Leveson Inquiry

January 11, 2012

Source: OBJECT

As part of our STOP.PRESS.PORN campaign, OBJECT has submitted a joint report to the Leveson Inquiry calling for an end to the sexual objectification of women in our press.

Our report provides a snapshot of ‘A Week In The Life Of’ The Sun, The Daily Star and The Sport.

It highlights the “Page 3‟ phenomenon, the adverts for the porn and sex industries, and other innumerable ways in which women – and even crimes against women, such as rape and murder – are routinely trivialised and sexualised within the UK press.

We call on the Leveson Inquiry to address this relentless portrayal of women as sex objects as part of its remit to examine the culture and ethics of the press, and we provide recommendations to tackle the hyper-sexualisation and objectification of women in UK tabloids.

1) Read the OBJECT / Turn Your Back on Page 3 submission to the Leveson Inquiry here

2) Email a copy of the submission to your MP and ask her/him to support the recommendations to tackle the Page 3 phenomennon in our press (please copy your correspondence and forward all replies to anna@object.org.uk)

3) Email  generalenquiries @levesoninquiry.org.uk asking the Leveson Inquiry to address the issues of sexism raised by the submission
4) Read articles about the OBJECT STOP.PRESS.PORN campaign and the joint submission to the Inquiry here

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