Urgent!! More Equal Marriage Consultation Responses Are Needed!

November 30, 2011

Source: Equality Network
Your help is needed now more than ever… We know that the majority of Scots support same sex marriage, but we are in danger of losing the Scottish Government’s consultation response count because of very well resourced campaigns by the Catholic Church and Christian Institute (see below). It is vital that we encourage everyone we know who supports equality to submit a consultation response to the Government, using this form.   If you have not yet submitted your own response, please do that, and please forward this call for action to everyone you know who supports equality!

THE PROBLEM: 14,000 people in Scotland have filled out the Catholic Church’s postcards objecting to same sex marriage. The Church is now contacting those people to encourage each of them to submit a personal response against same sex marriage, to the Scottish Government’s consultation: www.sconews.co.uk/news/14015/new-appeal-in-marriage-campaign/  The Christian Institute runs big organised lobbying campaigns against every LGBT equality measure. They have just set up an online response system for the Scottish Government’s consultation. They are encouraging their members to use it to submit consultation responses opposing equality: www.christian.org.uk/marriagescotland/

THE SOLUTION: Please take action now to ensure that the Scottish Government continues with its proposals to introduce marriage equality, using this form.

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