PlanB Advice

October 28, 2011

PlanB Advice are a new, fresh & innovative money, debt & financial advice support service.
They offer a range of 1-1 advice services & group sessions which are focused on addressing financial exclusion & financial capability issues. Currently PlanB has a range of referrers from counselling services, employability teams & other social enterprises who also see a need for an issue focused, professional, ethical & impartial advice service that specialises in pathway support with little or no signposting, waiting & people passing. PlanB’s advisor has a full set of licences & accreditations to enable him to sit and listen to your story, work out options, discuss these with you and advise on your next step.PlanB will support you with the next steps and even offer home-visits and emergency call outs when you need them.
At this time PlanB has 60% female clients ( of varying ages & circumstances) and all are parents.  70% of these are single parents & could be considered excluded or vulnerable.  PlanB have access to a female solicitor who specialises in family & divorce law.  PlanB has much experience of handling complex cases where relationship breakdown, mortgages, various creditors, joint debts & children are involved. PlanB’s Gateway Assessor is a female & a parent herself.
What PlanB offers is a sensitive, confidential, free and impartial service to suit you and your circumstances.
You can refer or refer yoursel to PlanB. Drop in to PlanB’s open offices at The Undercover offices, Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire Tuesday-Friday or call/email either Lucy or Ian via info@planbadvice.co.uk lucy@planbadvice.co.uk or 07887551466/07881581488. 5 days per week. The PlanB website is down for amendments but when back up will be www.planbadvice.co.uk


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  1. Hello all, we are also offering free 6 hour training courses at the moment of anyone ( professional, peer, community champion or volunteer!) wants to learn about financial inclusion and financial capabilities and wider issues of debt and exclusion.

    Just email me or check out our facebook page too!

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