Pro-Choice Protest (9th July, London)

July 6, 2011


Pro-Choice Protest – One Week to Go! pro choice demo

Saturday 9th July, from 1.30pm Old Palace Yard, Westminster

It’s now just seven days until the Pro-Choice Demo outside Parliament. So here’s a quick update. In the past week we have learned that the Department of Health is considering implementing Nadine Dorries’ and Frank Field’s anti-choice counselling proposals without any debate or vote in Parliament. It’s outrageous that the government might try to push these changes through via the backdoor, without legislation or debate. This makes it more important than ever that we turn out for Saturday’s demo. There’s now a new Twitter account for the protest, so follow @ProChoice9July for updates all this week. Remember to show your support on Facebook and here’s a flyer for you to distribute to friends and colleagues to publicise the event.

Other news from Abortion Rights:

BMA Members Reject Bid To Cut Abortion Time Limit: The British Medical Association (BMA) has re-affirmed its commitment to the 24-week time limit for abortions, following a vote by its membership.

New Attempt To Restrict Abortion Access Without Parliament Vote: It was revealed on Friday (24.06.11) that Frank Field will attempt to have his controversial abortion counselling proposals put into effect without a parliamentary vote or scrutiny.

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