Pornography In The Workplace: Is Your Organisation Equipped To Deal With It?

June 1, 2011

A course for workplace decision makers, managers and humannewspaper headlines 'porn in the workplace on the rise', 'teacher claims 'right to distribute pornography at work'' resource professionals across all sectors.

20th June 2011, Glasgow

Advances in technology, particularly in mobile phones, have made the production, reproduction and sharing of pornographic images and videos something commonplace in real and virtual communities. This includes work: in fact 25% of workers admit to viewing pornography in the workplace, and one third to sending it to others at work.

In purely pragmatic terms, employee time spent accessing pornographic material is not productive. However the workplace is more complex than that. Does the sharing of such material leave employers open to litigation? How should employees who either share such material, or are the subject of shared material be handled? How does it affect the culture of a workplace? Are employers liable for the actions of their employees using workplace technology? How are UK organisations affected by the difference in English and Scots law on extreme pornography?

This course covers all these issues, as well as considering the situation for those working in the residential, custodial and community education settings where use of pornography impacts in different ways.

Pornography is a contentious issue, and therefore many workplaces have avoided discussing what to do about it, leaving a vacuum in which employees and employers are equally vulnerable. This course provides an opportunity designed to help your organisation build a strong defence against such pitfalls.

Course aim:
To give participants the opportunity to consider the potential impact of pornography in their workplace, and to plan an appropriate response.

By the end of the training participants will have:
– Examined the context in which   pornography is viewed by differing schools of thought.
– Considered how pornography may   impact on workplaces, their staff and their culture.
– Looked at practical ways in which   the use of pornography can be managed in the workplace.
– Initiated action planning for the development and/or implementation of relevant policies for their own working environment.

The training session will be interactive, using experiential methods to maximise the potential for learning.

PDF Flyer

Booking information
Places on the course cost £120 and include lunch and refreshments.
A booking form can be found here: http://www.timstreet.org/images/files/bookingform20june2011.doc
For further info: 07944 420321 tim@timstreet.org www.timstreet.org


Tim Street Training & Consultancy
Tim Street is a trainer, coach and counsellor. He has been designing and delivering training for over fifteen years as a freelance trainer, and on behalf of other organisations. All the work he does is intended to improve the interactions and positive outcomes between people across the different facets of their lives.

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