Trust Your Instinct

March 21, 2011

Trust Your Instinct campaign is launched today.

The aim of the campaign, launched by the Network for Surviving Stalking,  is to encourage the early identification of stalking behaviour. Recent research shows that 77% of stalking victims don’t report the situation until over 100 incidents have taken place (Sheridan & NSS 2009). The campaign, funded via the lottery,  is aimed at people who don’t currently think of themselves as ‘stalking victims’ as many people put up with a great deal of abuse and downplay what is happening to them.

Stalking is made up of a series of incidents – What’s the difference between ‘creepy behaviour’ and ‘stalking’. And if someone is behaving in a ‘creepy’ or ‘obsessive’ way, when should you start getting worried? Are you at risk?

The website :  www.trustyourinstinct.org also features a ‘stalking quiz’ , created by Dr Lorraine Sheridan, as a follow on from The Stalking Risk Checklist she created for Association of Chief Police Officers in 2008. The Quiz provides a tool to help people work out ‘the bigger picture’ and helps establish if they’re being stalked. The more times an individual answers ‘yes’ the more seriously they should take the situation.


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