Red Skirts on Clydeside

March 4, 2011
Tuesday 8 March at GFT Cinema 2, 18:30 

“Tuesday 8 March 2011 marks the centenary celebration of International Women’s Day which was set up to inspire women, celebrate their achievements and to bring to attention the injustice suffered worldwide by women, because they are women.”

“In 1915, a year into the First World War, landlords in Glasgow put up tenement rents. Women in Govan responded with a rent strike. In Red Skirts on Clydeside, directors Jenny Woodley and Christine Bellamy chart the careers of Jean Ferguson, Mary Barbour and Helen Crawford Agnes Dollan through their involvement in the strike.”

“Twenty-seven years after the original film was made, Govan women reflect on their lives and roles by the Clyde in a unique collaborative women’s history film project led by filmmaker, Kirsten MacLeod, in association with Plantation Productions and the University of the West of Scotland.”

“The screenings will be followed by a panel discussion on women and the shipyards.”

More info on the screening on the GFT website

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