Glasgow Women’s Library: LGBT Archive and Discussion Group 23rd February

February 10, 2011

Glasgow Women’s Library is working with Glasgow Community Planning Partnership to run a discussion group with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender women. It will explore what you think about living, working or using services in Glasgow, and will inform how services are developed in the future. A respected independent research company, ODS Consulting, is doing this research. This discussion group will be very informal and relaxed, and will take place in the Glasgow Women’s Library – only with other women.

We are linking this with an opportunity to discover some of our treasures from the UK’s national Lesbian Archive. The Lesbian Archive contains many unique and valuable items documenting the history of lesbians in Britain, from a 1928 banned copy of Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness to rare copies of journals like Arena 3, to badges, T-shirts and other ephemera from various individuals and campaign groups.

When? You can come along to view the Archive from 6pm on Wednesday 23rd February. There will be a chance to see some of the treasures from the Archive and hear about how work on the Archive (and Glasgow Women’s Library) is progressing.

The discussion group will start at 6.30pm, and last an hour.   To thank you for your time, you will receive £20 for taking part. Everything that you say will be confidential. We would never reveal who it was that took part in the focus groups, or pass on your details to anyone else.

Where? The discussion group will take place at Glasgow Women’s Library, 15 Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7BW (the former Anderston Library at the Mitchell Library).

Please let Sue John at GWL know if you are interested in taking part. You can just pop in to see the Archive, but spaces for the discussion group are limited, so it is important to book in: sue.john@womenslibrary.org.uk or 0141 248 9969

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