Theresa May’s Equality Strategy Speech… and some responses

November 18, 2010

May: Political Correctness Won’t Lead To Equality (Government Equalities Office 17/11/10):
Equality strategy speech (Home Office, 17/11/10):
May Scraps ‘Ridiculous’ Equality Duty But Promises New Action On Anti-Gay Bullying (Pink Paper 17/11/10):
Theresa May Scraps Legal Requirement To Reduce Inequality (Guardian 17/11/10):
Theresa May Scraps Equality In The Name Of Fairness (Guardian 17/11/10):
Socio-Economic Duty On Public Bodies Dropped (The Equality Trust 17/11/10):
Equality Law ‘Being Swiped Away’ (BBC 18/11/10):
Equality “Alienates” (Who, Exactly?!) (The F-Word 18/11/10):
Govt Taken To Task For Dismantling Equality Act (politics.co.uk 18/11/10)
Labour MPs have queued up to attack the government for scrapping parts of the Equality Act.

Access all of the above at http://enf.org.uk/blog/?p=1365 (check back for updates over the coming days)

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