Engender: Who Counts?

November 2, 2010

Poverty is an equality issue across Scotland, and is intersectional across all strands: gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, all affect your experience of poverty, just as race, religion, disability, and  age. With their new Who Counts? campaign, Engender is working to develop an understanding and recognition of the gendered nature of poverty, so that local authorities may develop their policies and practices in ways that make women and children less vulnerable to poverty.

Engender are inviting groups and individuals across Scotland to participate in an awareness-raising event for What Counts? Day on or after 1st March 2011. In this time of cuts it is crucial that local authorities recognise the specific risks and hazards that all women face, regardless of sexual orientation or gender history, and how their policies, practices and services can help or hinder women negotiate these.

If you’re interested, contact Engender (info@engender.org.uk) for a “Who Counts?” information pack before December 2010.

Engender ideas for awareness-raising events, and support in organising and promoting your events, will be available to all participants.
Engender: Who Counts?

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