news from Violence Against Women Prevention Network Scotland

September 13, 2010

AVA Conference: Whose Movement Is It Anyway?:
5th November, London. The violence against women and girls movement was instigated and led by survivors, determined that others should not suffer as they did. With the increasing focus on professionalisation of the VAWG sector, survivors have become much less visible in their own movement. This conference aims to reverse this trend. Showcasing over a dozen inspiring examples of survivor led initiatives, we want to challenge the stigma and shame of being a victim and demonstrate the creative and innovative ways that women respond to and resist VAWG. £139/£159 vol/stat. More from the AVA website http://digbig.com/5bchry or email sophie.taylor@avaproject.org.uk

CPS Public Policy Statement On Prosecuting Cases Of Human Trafficking – Consultation (30/08/10)

NUS Scotland Commit To Tackling Stalking (27/08/10)

ACPO Report On Sex Trafficking Criticised (03/09/10)

UK ‘Opt Out’ From EU Directive Against Sex Trafficking Condemned (03/09/10)

Home Office To Publish Violence Against Women Strategy In Spring 2011 (03/09/10)

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